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Timber Finishes and Decorative Products Shop

Timber Finishes and decorative paint products is our speciality. After many years operating leading decorative paint Retailer "Malvern Paint and Timber Finishes" we decided to move with the times and offer you more competitive prices, less fuss and faster shopping, we hope you enjoy the experience (let us know any issues via the question form on the right thanks) We would also like to thank our excisting customers who,s loyalty and continued support is very much appriciated

-The team at Colourland

  • Sikkens 
  • Quantum
  • Original timber finishes
  • Decking Clear
  • Decking cleaner
  • Decking preservation
  • Timber stains
  • Timber cleaner
  • Timber clear

Easy Online Shopping with Experienced support and fast delivery

Ecopaint Decorator Dreams
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37 Cambro Road
Clayton 3168

(03) 9558 9119


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